Our Philosophy

We believe that every human—housed or unhoused—is made in the image of God and worth dignity, respect, and compassion.

Our model is based on the belief that people experiencing homelessness are people just like us, who deserve our compassion and advocacy in reducing barriers to getting housed. In most cases, people remain chronically homeless after a series of life events and complicating factors. The major factors precipitating homelessness in Orange County are securing or retaining jobs with sustainable wages, finding affordable housing, and family issues (including domestic violence, family dysfunction, or death of a family member).

We believe that housing should not be a luxury.

We recognize that having a place to call home where you are safe and warm is vital to rest, emotional and physical wellbeing, and flourishing. Homelessness is humiliating, dangerous, and expensive. We all bear the cost of doing nothing to support our homeless neighbors. In Orange County, approximately $299 million is spent by hospitals, municipalities, non-governmental housing agencies, and the county to address homelessness every year.

Homelessness in Orange County: The Costs to our Community, one of the nation’s most comprehensive and pioneering studies on homelessness, estimated that permanent supportive housing would offer a $42 million savings in Orange County every year. Currently, taxpayers spend approximately $100,759 per year on every chronically homeless person who lives in Orange County. Offering permanent supportive housing costs $51,587 per year, an estimated cost savings of 50%. Housing our homeless neighbors is not just the compassionate approach, it is also cost-effective.

We believe in housing people first.

Our model uses tenant-based approaches to rehouse people in permanent supportive housing, which pairs affordable housing with case management and wrap-around supportive services. Permanent supportive housing has not only been proven to reduce chronic homelessness and increase long-term housing stability, but it is also more cost-effective than doing nothing. We believe in the value of partnering with our homeless neighbors, instead of trying to solve problems ourselves. Jubilee Homes is committed to listening, learning, and partnering with our homeless neighbors as valued stakeholders.

We believe in the beauty and vibrancy of diversity.

We value the lived experience and embodied knowledge that diverse experiences bring to the table. We believe diversity is not just a checklist, but an ethos, that can foster a more equitable community and innovative problem-solving. Jubilee Homes is committed to seeking out diversity, particularly in race, gender, and disability, to include in the leadership and stakeholders of our organization.

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